Lisk and Indonesian Ministry Join Forces to Enhance Web3 Startup Ecosystem

Lisk and Indonesian Ministry Join Forces to Enhance Web3 Startup Ecosystem

In a significant move to bolster the Web3 startup landscape in Indonesia, Lisk, a notable layer-2 blockchain platform, has forged a strategic partnership with the Directorate General of Informatics Applications (DGIA) of the Indonesian Ministry of Communications & Informatics Technology. Announced on February 27, this collaboration is set to invigorate the local Web3 ecosystem by providing support and development opportunities for startups.

The DGIA, responsible for overseeing Indonesia’s communications and information technology sectors, spearheads the “1000 Startup Digital Program.” This initiative aims to nurture digital talent, promote digital solutions, and cultivate a robust startup ecosystem across the nation. As part of the collaboration, Lisk will extend its developer platform, along with mentorship and initial grant funding, to Web3 startups participating in this program.

Max Kordek, the Founder of Lisk, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Lisk’s commitment to democratizing blockchain technology and its eagerness to contribute to the growth of the Web3 sector in emerging markets, particularly Indonesia.

The partnership also focuses on educational efforts, with plans to develop content on Web3 technologies. An ‘Introduction to Blockchain’ course will be rolled out, aiming to arm Indonesian Web3 entrepreneurs with a solid understanding of blockchain fundamentals, including consensus mechanisms, network structures, and practical applications.

Lisk’s role will not only be limited to providing technical support but will also encompass offering Bootstrap Grants, mentorship, community building, and promotional activities. This comprehensive approach demonstrates Lisk’s dedication to nurturing a dynamic Web3 ecosystem within the framework of the 1000 Digital Startup Program.

Furthermore, the announcement sheds light on Lisk’s interest in tackling local challenges through innovative solutions like the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA), leveraging off-chain assets (OCA), and developing decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN).

Semuel A. Pangerapan, Director General of Informatics Applications, lauded the partnership as a visionary step towards fostering innovation, knowledge-sharing, and empowerment in the blockchain domain. The collaboration aims to educate, inspire innovation, and equip Indonesian entrepreneurs and software developers with the necessary skills to leverage blockchain technology effectively.

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