Top Miner Employees Receive Dividend Payments in Digital Financial Assets

Top Miner Employees Receive Dividend Payments in Digital Financial Assets

Nornickel, known globally for its nickel and palladium production, has taken a unique step in employee compensation by venturing into the world of digital assets. Last year, the miner initiated the Digital Investor program, where employees receive ‘minetokens’ — digital financial assets linked to the company’s stock.

This move, launched in March 2023, represents a significant shift in how employees are rewarded. These minetokens, traded on the blockchain platform Atomyze, mirror the value of Nornickel’s shares and come with the added benefit of regular cash payouts, similar to stock dividends. The company’s shareholders gave the nod to this innovative approach in late 2023.

The program has already reached over 51,300 employees in various locations, including Norilsk, Arkhangelsk, and Moscow. Nornickel plans to expand this to more regions, demonstrating its commitment to using digital technology for employee benefits.

Eligibility for receiving these minetokens is based on how long employees have been with the company, with those serving more than a year receiving between two to ten tokens. This move shows Nornickel’s effort to modernize its remuneration system and give employees a stake in the company’s success.

Nornickel’s dive into digital financial assets marks a significant moment for the mining industry, showcasing a new way to blend employee benefits with the latest in digital technology. It’s an approach that could change how companies think about compensating their workforce, potentially leading the way for others in the sector to follow suit.

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