Moscow Exchange Sets Sight on Blockchain for Real Estate Investment by 2024

Moscow Exchange Sets Sight on Blockchain for Real Estate Investment by 2024

The Moscow Exchange has announced its strategy to roll out blockchain-based digital financial assets (DFA) by 2024, targeting a transformation in the landscape of real estate investment. Sergei Kharinov, the head of digital assets at the exchange, shared this development as part of a broader goal to broaden funding options for builders and to grant investors access to a more flexible investment threshold. The initiative promises benefits like a safeguard against inflation and earnings anchored to the increasing values of property spaces.

Collaboration with Financial Powerhouses

Key financial players including the National Settlement Depository, Sberbank of Russia, Alfa Bank, St. Petersburg Exchange, and Blockchain Hub will oversee the management of these digital assets. They form part of a sanctioned group by the Bank of Russia, authorized to handle such advanced financial instruments. The program aims to ease transaction processes and lower entry points, making investment more accessible to a broader range of participants.

Following Lucrative Opportunities

The introduction of blockchain-enabled assets echoes previous successful investment maneuvers by companies such as Samolet Plus and G Group. This innovative method will facilitate direct capital accumulation for construction entities, presenting a fresh perspective on property investment strategies.

Enhanced Regulatory Measures

In light of these advancements, the Central Bank of Russia is advocating for interim regulatory measures. The focus is on fortifying security aspects, safeguarding investor interests, and promoting transparency in disclosure practices. These proposed regulations supplement the existing guidelines governing smart contracts, stressing the need for comprehensive audits before any market launch. This meticulous approach aims to foster confidence and stability in this emergent investment avenue.

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