How Blockchain Can Help Secure the Future of Organic Medicine

How Blockchain Can Help Secure the Future of Organic Medicine

Organic medicines have been around for as long as humans have been sick. But the past century saw them put on the back burner as synthetic drugs and big pharmaceutical corporations took center stage.

Fortunately, there has been a resurgence in the use of organic medicine in recent years. This shift is sparked by growing public interest as people become more aware of the addiction risk of synthetic drugs like opioids and the danger posed by multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria.

This situation puts organic medicine next to blockchain technology on a list of disruptive developments that will shape the future. Given that blockchain technology has plenty of potential applications in health, what will it do for organic medicine?

The current state of organic medicine

A growing number of people are turning to organic substances like cannabis and psilocybin as alternative healthcare solutions. Of these, cannabis provides the best illustration of the current state of organic medicines.

Several countries around the world, including the UK, have approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes. There is also a record number of clinical trials exploring the benefits and application of medical cannabis and other organic substances.

This is, of course, an indication that the sector is heading in the right direction. But things are far from perfect.


Since the legalization of medical cannabis in November 2018, twenty thousand people in the UK have received prescriptions for it. Those are decent enough numbers until one realizes that approximately 1.8 million people self-medicate with cannabis.

This means that the vast majority of people still get their medical cannabis illegally. So, there must be something(s) that’s slowing down the mainstream adoption of organic medicines.

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