Telegram Adds Support for USDT Transfers

Telegram Adds Support for USDT Transfers

Messenger users can now send stablecoins to each other in chats in the simplest way – USDT has been added to the @Wallet bot in Telegram. The new option expands the messaging app’s ability to buy and sell digital assets, as Tether is a leading stablecoin and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

To send USDT tokens, you must first add the bot to the attachment menu. Then, when you click on the “clip” in a chat with another user, Wallet will appear at the bottom of the screen among the options. Next, having selected an asset, you need to enter the amount that does not exceed the balance, and click “send”. Funds are transferred instantly.

In April 2022, Bitcoin (BTC) and Toncoin (TON) were added to the @Wallet bot, with the latter also available for sending in chats.

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