Ethereum Staking Unlock Postponed to April

Ethereum Staking Unlock Postponed to April

Staking Ethereum coins will not unlock until April at the earliest. During the discussion of the Shanghai hard fork on March 2, which was attended by all the main developers of the network, it was decided that the update, after which the withdrawal of locked tokens will become available, will occur at the earliest in the first week of next month.

Shanghai is an update that will allow Ethereum holders to withdraw locked coins from staking. Over 16.6 million ETH will be available to network validators for withdrawal to their own wallets. Previously, Shanghai’s mainnet update was scheduled to take place in March.

On February 28, a successful “rehearsal” of Shanghai was held on the Sepolia test network. At the meeting, the developers noted a few minor issues found after the Sepolia update; but none of these are expected to have a negative impact on Shanghai’s deployment.

An update on the latest Goerli testnet is scheduled for March 14th. The meeting participants agreed that after that it would take at least two weeks to check the results and finalize the hard fork of the main network.

“For mainnet, we usually want to give people at least two weeks after the announcement, so imagine Goerli happens on the 14th, everything goes well, on the 16th, we agree to move forward with mainnet — I think the earliest that puts us is like the first week of April.” said project coordinator Tim Beiko.

Other developers during the discussion suggested that the update will occur in the second week of April.

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