‘Tokenization’ Efforts Building Across the World

‘Tokenization’ Efforts Building Across the World

Next to a growing crop of spot-ETF applications (which may, or may not, be inadequate), the tokenization of real-world-assets (RWA) and financial instruments is perhaps the hottest topic as of late involving digital assets. The following are a few examples of this highlighting company acquisitions, pilot programs, and more.

Mastercard – Tokenized Bank Deposits

Mastercard is launching the ‘Multi-Token Network (MTN)’, a blockchain-based technology aiming to make digital transactions more secure and efficient. The company states that its vision for MTN is to,

“…provide a set of foundational capabilities designed to make transactions within the digital asset and blockchain ecosystems secure, scalable and interoperable — ultimately enabling more efficient payment and commerce applications.”

The system has four key features,

  • trust in counterparty through common verification standards;
  • trust in digital payment assets via regulated tokens;
  • trust in technology with scalable, interoperable blockchain networks;
  • trust in consumer protections, ensuring safety, stability, and regulatory compliance.

Initially available in the UK, the beta version of MTN will be used to develop live pilot applications with financial institutions, FinTechs, and central banks. Mastercard notes that “Selected teams will receive access to MTN’s capabilities to develop promising use cases powered by tokenized deposits and digital assets.”

Australia Securities Exchange – A Remaining Interest in Blockchain

Per CoinTelegraph, The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has not given up on blockchain technology and is considering listing tokenized real-world assets, such as gold, despite facing challenges in directly listing cryptocurrencies, according to the company’s Chief Information Officer, Dan Chesterman.

This perspective aligns with other prominent banking executives who see blockchain as a vital tool for improving efficiency. Despite recent criticism for halting a blockchain-based upgrade of its old clearing and settlements system known as ‘CHESS’, ASX maintains its interest in the technology, continuing its foray into the leveraging of digital assets.

Learn more: Securities.IO

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