Tokenized Pizza: Exploring the Queen Margherita Napoli Token (QMN) with Ronny Tome

Tokenized Pizza: Exploring the Queen Margherita Napoli Token (QMN) with Ronny Tome

In an exclusive interview with Blockster, Ronny Tome, the founder of Ducatus, discussed the groundbreaking intersection of blockchain and tokenization in the Queen Margherita Napoli Token (QMN) project. Ducatus, a visionary company, is leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the authenticity and global recognition of traditional Italian pizza. Their innovative initiatives are reshaping the culinary payment landscape while preserving the timeless art of pizza-making for generations to come.

Ronny passionately shared, “It is about forging a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep appreciation and respect for the heritage and cultural significance of Italian pizza.” The QMN token serves as a pivotal link between the cherished pizza-making community and pizza enthusiasts worldwide, extending far beyond Italians or professional pizza makers.

Ronny further explained, “The QMN token is designed to benefit a community that is dedicated to the tradition of Italian pizza making. This community does not only include Italians or pizza makers, it is inclusive and open to every person who appreciates and respects the tradition and art of pizza-making.”

The benefits of the QMN token in the custom physi-digital pizza ecosystem, stating, “Customers will get discounts, freebies, privileges such as priority in airdrops and sale of collectibles.”

“Pizzerias who receive QMN as payment will in turn receive discount vouchers that can be used to purchase the best ingredients from participating suppliers, specifically those who are part of the Meta Pizzeria Network.” – Ronny Tome, the founder of Ducatus

Regarding the role of the Meta Pizzeria Network (MPN) in creating a network of authentic pizzerias, Ronny highlighted the importance of providing traditional establishments with new tools to appeal to a wider market and flourish. He stated, “Meta Pizzeria Network (MPN) aims to give affiliating pizzerias a modern space to connect, collaborate, promote and share – through the MPN metaverse.”

Trusted and verified projects, fortified by strong community support. The DucatusX blockchain is also home to the DucatusX Coin – $DUCX. Let’s work together towards a true, connected, and open digital economy. – Ducatus Global (@DucatusX) May 20, 2023

Preserving the Art of Pizza-Making Through NFTs

The inspiration behind the creation of the Pizza Heritage NFT collection and its contribution to preserving the art of pizza-making for future generations, Ronny expressed, “It is inspired by the shared love for the pizza tradition. The Ducatus Group is supported by a big Italian community, some of our founders have roots in Italy too.”

“We understand what it means to keep tradition alive, especially one which has transcended time and borders.”

The use of digital assets, such as the QMN token, in revolutionizing the payment landscape for culinary experiences, Ronny noted the original vision for digital currency and its role as an alternative means of everyday payment.

“What better product to promote mass adoption of crypto than pizza, being one of the most eaten food in the world?” – Ronny Tome, the founder of Ducatus

By using digital assets as a mode of payment in real-life settings, acceptance of digital assets is encouraged, demonstrating their value and potential as a viable means of financial exchange.

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