MetaZone Raises $3M to Pioneer Tokenized App Platform in Metaverse

MetaZone Raises $3M to Pioneer Tokenized App Platform in Metaverse

In a momentous announcement, MetaZOne unveiled the successful conclusion of its groundbreaking seed funding, securing an impressive sum of 3 million in US dollars.

🚀 Big announcement! MetaZone raises $3M 🚀

With the support of our leads @Sfermion_ & @CMTdigital, as well as other metaverse pioneers, we’ve successfully closed our seed round. Together, we’re empowering the open digital economy by embracing user-generated METAs!

According to the press release, this development was made possible through the collaborative efforts of two influential metaverse powerhouses, Sfermion and CMT Digital, who jointly led the funding initiative.

The substantial investment will serve as a catalyst for MetaZone’s ambitious expansion plans, especially focused on their revolutionary tokenized app platform, which introduces the META (Metaversee Enabled Tokenized Application),

Empowered by this substantial boost, MetaZone is on the verge of reshaping the metaverse landscape, opening the doors to an extraordinary era of immersive experiences.

Notably, prominent web3 funds such as Tess Ventures, IOSG Venture, IVC (Infinity Ventures Crypto), Polygon Studios, MHC Digital, and LucidBlue Ventures, have joined focus in this groundbreaking endeavor.

MetaZone pioneers a unique platform that empowers creators and developers to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for functional 3D digital content and apps, which are then seamlessly distributed within the metaverse.

This groundbreaking platform assigns each creator’s META a valuable NFT, symbolizing its ownership, value, and access privileges. With MetaZone, creators gain unparalleled opportunities to showcase their talents and share immersive experiences in the evolving world of the metaverse.

MetaZone diligently works towards creating a comprehensive suite of developers’ tools, offering standardized application-grade development frameworks. These tools empower creators to produce, distribute, and host virtual content (METAs) across various virtual worlds, including Decentraland, Spatial, OnCyber, Vault Hill City, and Yoga Lab’s The Otherside. By embracing multiple platforms, MetaZone ensures creators can reach wider audiences and unleash their creative potential in diverse metaverse environments.

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