Fasset and Minted Partner to Deliver Tokenized Precious Metals to the Underbanked

Fasset and Minted Partner to Deliver Tokenized Precious Metals to the Underbanked

Fasset and Minted to partner and provide increased access to tokenized precious metals across developing markets including Turkey, Indonesia and UAE

Today Fasset, the global digital asset platform for emerging markets, announces its partnership with Minted, a leading provider of precious metals, to offer increased accessibility and liquidity to the global precious metals market through tokenization at the Dubai Fintech Summit.Under the MOU, Fasset will distribute Minted products on its platform and tokenize Minted products such as tokenized gold and silver on behalf of Minted.

This collaboration will bring together Fasset’s expertise in digital asset management and Minted’s experience in precious metals, enabling both companies to offer innovative solutions to the market that will benefit new and existing investors. his partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies further increasing the interconnectedness of fintech globally. Fasset is currently authorized to provide digital asset products through 5 jurisdictions across to enable mass distribution of these products.

“With over 50% of the world remaining unbanked, Fasset’s mission is to democratize access to assets that have traditionally been out of reach for many investors across emerging markets,” said Mohammad Raafi Hossain, CEO of Fasset. “Through our partnership with Minted, we are delivering on our mission by offering tokenized precious metals on our platform, which will allow investors to gain exposure to the precious metals market with ease and security.”

Shahid Munir, the co-founder of Minted, believes that their partnership with Fasset will provide a seamless bridge between real world assets and the Web 3.0 ecosystem. “We aim to build an on-shore, trusted custodian infrastructure for precious metals, easily accessible through border-less tokens. This fusion of physical and digital will serve as a unique wealth preservation instrument for millions worldwide.”

Minted, with the support of Nadir Metal Refinery, an accredited LBMA Good Delivery member and one of the largest metal refineries globally, is well-positioned to provide the expertise and resources required to provide a tech enabled precious metals infrastructure worldwide.

Tokenized precious metals have become increasingly popular as a way to invest in precious metals without the need to hold physical assets as tokenized gold assets surpassed $1 billion in combined market capitalization last month. By tokenizing precious metals, investors can benefit from the liquidity, accessibility, and security that blockchain technology provides.

The partnership between Fasset and Minted will enable both companies to leverage their strengths and offer innovative solutions to their customers. Fasset’s digital asset management expertise combined with Minted’s experience in precious metals will enable both companies to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to the global precious metals market.

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