Google Announces Launch of Blockchain Service for Developers

Google Announces Launch of Blockchain Service for Developers

Google has unveiled a new cloud service for blockchain developers. According to its creators, Blockchain Node Engine is a fully managed node hosting service for decentralized networks. The first blockchain supported by the service will be Ethereum.

Web3 companies will be able to deploy smart contracts and read and write blockchain data using nodes hosted by Blockchain Node Engine. While a full Ethereum node can take days to sync, Google’s engine promises to speed up and simplify the process, allowing developers to deploy a new node in a single operation.

The platform team also notes that the new service actively monitors nodes and reboots them as needed after crashes. This should reduce the need for projects to hire a development team to maintain network infrastructure.

Two weeks earlier, Google announced that it will integrate with Coinbase to process cloud payments with cryptocurrencies. Some customers will be able to pay for the company’s cloud services with digital assets as soon as early 2023.

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